IRIS® Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The superior standard for rotation-in-space wheelchair technology

40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology

The ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair, the QUICKIE® IRIS® features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space (IRIS) Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, numerous adjustments, and one of the lightest weights among tilt-in-space wheelchairs on the market. Intelligent Rotation in Space technology means the seat frame rotates around the rider's center of gravity. This results in a smooth tilting motion that is easy to control and allows for the shortest possible wheelbase for easy maneuverability. The IRIS manual wheelchair features 40° or 55° rotation ranges that can be set to achieve up to 45° or 60° of posterior rotation for superior positioning.

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Options and Prices

QUICKIE IRIS: From Invention to Perfection

QUICKIE IRIS: From Invention to Perfection

The QUICKIE IRIS® employs a unique tilt mechanism with a curved rocker arm, enabling the seat frame to rotate on the base frame while keeping the individual's center of gravity (COG) closely aligned with the chair's center of rotation (COR). This alignment is maintained throughout the tilt cycle, offering several advantages over other tilt systems. The IRIS allows the shortest wheelbase to enhance maneuverability without compromising stability. The alignment of COG and COR reduces the risk of front-loading the casters without sacrificing safety. Additionally, the optimal alignment minimizes the effort required for tilting, promoting smooth and effortless movement. The constant COG alignment helps eliminate issues associated with horizontal shifts in other tilt systems, such as triggers for spasticity, agitation in riders with cognitive issues, and protective extension reactions.

The QUICKIE IRIS features a Standard weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a Heavy Duty weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Power Tilt

Power Tilt

The Power Tilt feature puts the rider in charge of their own comfort all day long. With a simple toggle switch conveniently located on the armrest, the rider can effortlessly adjust their body position for maximum comfort, relaxation, and skin protection. Easy to use and designed to enhance their sitting experience, Power Tilt gives more control to the rider. This feature not only improves comfort, but also helps with sitting tolerance, allowing the rider to participate more independently in daily activities and connect better with the world and those around them. Power Tilt is available for the IRIS, IRIS Heavy Duty, and the SR45 models.

Attendant Control

Though the QUICKIE IRIS is effortless to tilt, with the Attendant Control, caregivers can tilt the rider without any manual effort. The control panel, displaying the battery gauge on top, eliminates the guesswork for charging time. Attendant Control is versatile and can be hung anywhere on the chair.

Toggle Switch

The Toggle Switch provides flexibility by being mountable either vertically or horizontally, catering to the rider's preferences for easy reach. Conveniently placed on the toggle switch, the charging port ensures easy access. The Power Tilt feature is also available as a retrofit kit for added convenience.

Empulse R20: Supporting Caregivers

Empulse R20: Supporting Caregivers

The Empulse R20 power-assist device makes it simple to help the caregiver push the wheelchair. It's handy uphill, downhill, and on long trips, all without affecting self-propelling or pushing. This foldable and lightweight device is easy to transport either attached or detached from the wheelchair using its backpack.

Reverse Configuration for Independent Mobility

Reverse Configuration for Independent Mobility

Opt for an IRIS with reverse configuration if full tilt for pressure distribution and the ability to self-propel is desired. With a larger wheel in the front, this setup enables the rider to have increased control of the wheel, enhancing self-initiated movement.

Ride Designs

Ride Designs

A Ride Designs Seating System works well on a QUICKIE IRIS to provide intimate support where needed, matching unique body curves while changing position in space. A Ride seating system also helps boost postural control and stabilize the pelvis and trunk, often resulting in increased performance and freedom of movement, while enhancing pressure distribution away from bony prominences.

Lower Extremity Features

The QUICKIE IRIS offers the broadest range of options in hangers, legrests, and foot plates.

  • The Contracture Footplate is a durable wheelchair footrest designed for people with a decreased range of motion at the knees or the tendency to pull their legs into flexion. This footrest accommodates that range and is built to withstand regular use. It offers reliable support and comfort, ensuring a sturdy and lasting solution for those with specific mobility needs.

  • The Elevating/Articulating Legrest includes two inches of heigh adjustment to better align with the knee joint for a natural motion. Audible clicks index its position as it is elevated. The improved latch mechanism allows swapping between swing-in/out hangers and ELR/ALR without additional hardware.

  • Riders with high tone can be hard on the hangers, causing breakage. A stronger latch with aluminum components is available as an option.

  • Pair the QUICKIE IRIS with JAY foot boxes designed to support the feet, ankles, and even calves. Properly positioned feet can help reduce pressure on other areas of the body, including under the pelvis. Pair with a JAY cushion, back, or made-to-order seating system to maximize the effectiveness of your seating solution.

  • The JAY Lower Extremity Support option is fully integrated into the QUICKIE IRIS hanger mount. The swing-in/out latch mechanism design makes changing hangers from the lower extremity support a very intuitive process. Available in two pads sizes, the technology allows for vertical and horizontal angle adjustment to achieve the proper support for the rider's needs.

  • The IRIS's swing-in/out hanger design features an intuitive bi-directional release lever. A tapered locking mechanism prevents the hanger from loosening over time. The swing-in design allows the rider to get close to a bed or chair for transfers while keeping the legrest on the wheelchair.

Lower Extremity Features

MONO Backrest System

MONO Backrest System®

The MONO Backrest System offers an optional dynamic function, 35° angle adjustment, and forward folding for easy transport. The MONO Backrest System's single post offers limitless seating and positioning capabilities.

  • By mounting the backrest to a single central post, the backrest and chair widths may be selected independently
  • Infinite backrest height is adjusted with the rider
  • Hardware interference is eliminated to allow for infinite adjustment of lateral thoracic supports
  • The backrest can achieve two inches of midline backrest offset
  • A dynamic back is easily added
  • 30° of mechanical recline is available
  • A vent or other accessories are easily added
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MONO Backrest System<sup>®</sup>

Options & Accessories

A full line of accessories is available for the IRIS, including armrests, foot hangers, caster types, rear wheel sizes, positioning belts, trays, and colors. Some of the more popular accessories are detailed below, and more can be found on the Manual Wheelchair Options & Accessories page.

  • Designed for effortless transport of medical IV systems, this holder provides a secure solution for riders requiring intravenous treatments while on the move.

  • Designed to be hassle-free, this holder ensures secure and accessible mobility for riders relying on oxygen therapy.

  • Easy to carry and exceptionally light, the IRIS weighs just 39 lbs., making it one of the lightest options available. The fold-down back enhances portability, and for added convenience during transit, consider the optional Transit feature to equip the IRIS with securement points in both the front and rear.

  • Easily attachable either behind the backrest or behind the rear wheels, this accessory ensures convenient and secure mobility for riders relying on respiratory support.

Options & Accessories
Seat Width:14" to 22"
Seat Depth:14" to 22"
Front Seat-to-Floor Height:12.5" to 19.5"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height:12.5" to 19.5"
Tilt Range:
  • 40°
  • 55°
  • 60°
Back Height:
  • 15" to 21"
  • 18" to 24"
Back Angle Adjustment: -30° to 5°
Shipping Dimensions:
  • Boxed: 36" L x 28" W x 37" H and 20" L x 10" W 20" H
  • Palletized: 47" L x 40" W x 54" H
Product Information
Model Number:EIZ4-2
Starting Retail Price:$4,848
Frame Type:Frame Options
  • Standard
  • Heavy Duty
  • Vent/Battery Base Tray
  • Contrature Seat Frame

Frame Struts:
  • Fixed
  • Width Adjustable
Frame Material:Aluminum
User Weight Capacity:
  • Standard: 300 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty: 400 lbs.
Product Weight:38 lbs.
Average Shipping Weight:
  • Boxed: 90 lbs. and 15 lbs.
  • Palletized: 150 lbs.

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.


Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements. Please contact your dealer for more details.