The ZIPPIE range of pediatric wheelchairs is designed specifically for your child's development and independence. Available with a full range of options and accessories, they're wheelchairs that can be as distinctive as your child's personality. Plus, many of our pediatric wheelchairs can even grow with your child, so there's no big adjustment to swapping to a new wheelchair!

ZIPPIE X-Cape Pediatric Folding Wheelchairs

X'CAPE®Children's Wheelchair

Rigid kids wheelchair performance and folding wheelchair convenience

From $3358

ZIPPIE Zone Pediatric Rigid Frame Wheelchair

Zone®Children's Wheelchair

Get in the Zone with a lightweight wheelchair designed for active kids

From $4133

ZIPPIE GS Kids Folding or Rigid Frame Wheelchair

GS™Children's Wheelchair

Growth and versatility wheelchair that keeps up with busy kids

From $3078

ZIPPIE IRIS Kids Tilt Wheelchair

ZIPPIE® IRIS®Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Cutting-edge rotation-in-space wheelchair technology designed just for kids

From $4260

ZIPPIE TS Pediatric Tilt Wheelchair

TSTilt In Space Wheelchair

Zippie's original pediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair. Kids' wheelchair including tilt and growth.

From $4020

ZIPPIE Sphynx Pediatric Folding Fixed Tilt Wheelchair

SphynxChildren's Static Tilt Wheelchair

The most compact folded dimensions in its class!

From $3150

ZIPPIE Voyage Special Needs Stroller


Go together. Grow together!

From $3473

ZIPPIE Xpress Special Needs Stroller


Early intervention mobility for toddlers up to 55 lbs.

From $3197