Manual Wheelchairs / QUICKIE / Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

When you know just what you want and need from your chair, choose a QUICKIE rigid lightweight wheelchair. Their minimalist frames have fewer moving parts for maximum efficiency. As an extension of you, they are highly responsive, ultra lightweight, and offer precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance.

QUICKIE 5R Manual Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

5RRigid Wheelchair

Highly adjustable wheelchair to elevate your mobility

From $3966

QUICKIE QRi Manual Rigid Lightweight Wheelchair

QRi®Rigid Wheelchair

No-nonsense wheelchair for your daily journeys. This lightweight wheelchair will offer great value

From $2968

QUICKIE GP Lightweight Rigid Frame Wheelchair

GP® SeriesRigid Wheelchair

Cruise in a classic Quickie wheelchair

From $2786