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Wheelchair Backs

JAY wheelchair backs are designed to stabilize the pelvis and torso. Their contoured back shells, soft foam, and adjustable components offer stability and comfort to reduce fatigue and maximize function. Ride in confidence knowing we've got your back!

JAY J3 Wheelchair back

J3™ BackWheelchair Back

The JAY J3 wheelchair back product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client.

From $674

JAY Zip Kids Wheelchair back

Zip™ BackWheelchair Back

The JAY Zip is a lightweight, anti-microbial, and adjustable wheelchair back designed to provide posterior and mild lateral thoracic support for active kids!

From $1025

JAY J2 Series Back

J2™ Series BacksWheelchair Back

The JAY J2 Series backs are designed to provide posterior and lateral pelvic stability along with enhanced trunk support.

From $893

JAY Care Back

Care BackWheelchair Back

The JAY Care wheelchair back accommodates a client with a fixed kyphotic thoracic spine by providing built-in lateral support and 39° of angle adjustability.

From $800

JAY Basic Back

Basic BackWheelchair Back

The JAY Basic wheelchair back was designed to increase sitting tolerance and stability by adding a rigid back support to the wheelchair.

From $574

JAY Go Back

GO BackWheelchair Back

The JAY GO wheelchair back features an easy to install Velcro® strap assembly, Dartex® moisture-resistant cover and wide straps for tension-adjustable support.

From $597

JAY Focus Point Back

Focus Point BackWheelchair Back

The JAY Focus Point back is a three-piece contoured backrest featuring a reinforced contoured aluminum shell, multi-adjustable lateral wings, and a pelvic wedge for additional posterior pelvic support.

From $1297

JAY Encompass Back

Encompass BackWheelchair Back

The JAY Encompass wheelchair back is an off-the-shelf back featuring configurable three-piece laterals and foam selections.

From $882

JAY Lumbar Support Wheelchair Seating Option

Lumbar SupportWheelchair Back

The JAY Lumbar Support wheelchair seating accessory provides mild support of the lower back for increased comfort and sitting tolerance.

From $86

JAY Reverse Dartex Chair Cover

Reverse Dartex Chair CoverWheelchair Accessory

The JAY® Reverse Dartex Chair Cover can be used on any manual or power chair to protect yourself, your colleagues, your staff, and your clients.

From $284

Frequently Asked Questions

All JAY Backs available are crash tested.