Through early intervention, childhood right up to adulthood, our experienced team of designers and clinicians work together with our family of experts to develop exciting, innovative products that make a real difference to the quality of life for children and their families.
LECKEY Squiggles Seating System

Squiggles Seating System

Designed to meet all the postural and comfort requirements of young children with special needs while still maintaining a fun, colorful design.

From $2082

LECKEY Mygo Seating System

Mygo Seating System

The optimum pediatric postural support seating system, designed for children 3 to 14 years old.

From $2173

LECKEY Everyday Activity Seat

Everyday Activity Seat

Positioning support for kids, teens, and young adults from 1 to 18 years old.

From $3139

LECKEY PAL Seating System

PAL Seating System

The perfect balance of postural support and classroom practicality.

From $1059

LECKEY Early Activity Seat

Early Activity Seat

Modular, floor-based early intervention postural support mat.

From $2385

LECKEY Squiggles Stander

Squiggles Stander

The adjustable 3-in-1 pediatric stander designed for growing children.

From $5971

LECKEY Squiggles+ Stander

Squiggles+ Stander

Prone, upright and supine standing in one pediatric stander.

From $6974

LECKEY Mygo Stander

Mygo Stander

Stand out from the crowd in this modular and adjustable pediatric standing system.

From $7848

LECKEY Freestander


Freedom is at your feet with this positioning standing system

From $3800

LECKEY Totstander


Simple and easy to use, upright standing system for kids aged 1-5 years.

From $1716

LECKEY Horizon Stander

Horizon Stander

Standing on the horizon with this multi-position stander

From $3869

LECKEY Pronestander


Prone for success with this angle adjustable stander. Perfect for use in any classroom, therapy room, or home.

From $4195

LECKEY Advance Bath Chair

Advance Bath Chair

Available in four different sizes, the LECKEY Advance Bath Chair makes bath time safe and fun while still meeting an individual’s postural needs.

From $1016

Leckey MyWay+ Gait Trainer

MyWay+ Gait Trainer

Unique open frame gait trainer designed to support children in an upright, hands-free position to improve stepping, maximizing opportunities for exploration, interaction, and participation.

From $4561