RGK Wheelchairs are a range of high performance, made to measure sports wheelchairs and daily living wheelchairs to provide wheelchair users with the potential to live their lives to the fullest.
RGK Octane Sub4

Octane Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

A classic design redefined by combining the Sub4 technology.

From $12676

RGK Octane FX

Octane FXFolding Rigid Wheelchair

Revolutionizing air travel...again!

From $13159

RGK Veypr Sub4

Veypr Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

Made to measure - the perfect fit.

From $21134

TIGA Manual Wheelchair by RGK

TigaRigid Wheelchair

With an open or closed frame, the Tiga is the RGK 7000 Series ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair offered in Canada.

From $7169

RGK Tiga Sub4

Tiga Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

The ultra-lightweight wheelchair that's less than 4 kg - guaranteed!

From $8704

HiLite Manual Wheelchair by RGK

HiLiteRigid Wheelchair

Clean frame design HiLite manual wheelchair offers a classic and elegant look.

From $6397

ELITE Sports wheelchair by RGK

EliteSports Wheelchair

Looking for a sport wheelchair to reach new levels? This high performance sport wheelchair is defined by its name - the Elite!

From $7337

ELITE X Sports wheelchair by RGK

Elite XSports Wheelchair

The next generation basketball wheelchair.

From $7340

RGK AllCourt Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

AllCourtSports Wheelchair

Redefine your game. The legend continues.

From $4896

GrandSlam by RGK

GrandSlamSports Wheelchair

Advanced tennis wheelchair built for professionals.

From $7337

RGK GrandSlam X Sport Wheelchair

GrandSlam XSports Wheelchair

The best just got better.

From $11046

RGK Match Point Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

Match PointSports Wheelchair

Your competition just met its match.

From $4896


Club SportSports Wheelchair

Entry level sports wheelchair that’s configurable and economical.

From $3202