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Transitions Threshold Ramps

EZ-Access Transitions Threshold Ramps and Mats include the Modular Entry Ramp, Angled Entry Ramp, Rubber Angled Entry Mat and the Rubber Modular Entry Mat.

Angled Entry Ramp by EZ-Access

Angled Entry Ramp

Transitions Angled Entry Ramp is portable, stand-alone threshold ramp that features independently adjustable legs with swivel feet

From $223

Modular Entry Threshold Ramp by EZ Access

Modular Entry Threshold Ramp

The EZ-ACCESS Transitions line of door threshold ramps and mats that provide sturdy support and a smooth transition.

From $114

Rubber Angled Entry Mat by EZ Access

Rubber Angled Entry Mat

Transitions Rubber Angled Entry Mat is accommodating for doorways inside and outside!

From $299

Rubber Modular Entry Ramps by EZ Access

Rubber Modular Entry Mat

The Rubber Modular Entry Mat is a portable rubber threshold that can be easily trimmed to fit various entryway heights!

From $423