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Add-On Power-Assist Devices

Wanting an extra push to help you climb slopes or cover long distances? Empulse power-assist devices can aid self-propellers and attendants alike.

Empulse R20 Power-Assist Device

R20Wheelchair Accessory

Foldable, lightweight power-assist device for manual wheelchairs.

From $5120

  • Compatible with almost any box-frame wheelchair
Empulse StreetJet

StreetJetWheelchair Accessory

Electric-powered freedom at your fingertips. Play sports, stay fit, and enjoy the outdoors with the EMPULSE StreetJet hybrid handbike that is easily attached to your wheelchair.

From $7007

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The docking system A covers frame tube diameters from 22-28mm due to its design (shape of the clamping parts). In addition, there is a docking system B for 29-32mm tubing diameters, but the only difference is the length of the bolts.

Yes, this is possible by using the docking B version 29-32mm.

The attachment angle must always be in a range between 20° and 45° to make sure that the drive wheel can automatically generate enough grip through its forward rotation.

The training straps should be attached to the wheelchair frame so they cannot be misplaced or lost – never attach on removable parts of the chair.

Store the battery in a dry, cool place at around 50-59° F. Ideally, the battery should be kept at a state of charge of roughly 75%. If it is stored too long with little charge, the voltage inside drops so drastically that a deep discharge may occur, which permanently damages the battery.

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