Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

For more than 30 years, Sunrise Medical has manufactured high quality, durable, and lightweight adult & pediatric wheelchairs. Choose from a wide selection of rigid, folding, and tilt-in-space wheelchairs to meet your unique needs. We know that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we provide extensive options and accessories to ensure you always get the best personalized fit.

Quickie Xenon² Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

Xenon² SeriesFolding Wheelchair

The Quickie Xenon² lightweight folding wheelchair has been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you'd expect from a rigid wheelchair.

From $4286

QUICKIE 2 Manual Folding Lightweight Wheelchair

Quickie 2 FamilyFolding Wheelchair

The QUICKIE 2 is versatile, modular, and available in an endless number of configurations. An industry favorite lightweight folding wheelchair for over 30 years.

From $3119

QUICKIE QX Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

QX®Folding Wheelchair

The QUICKIE QX is a durable, low-maintenance lightweight folding wheelchair that's perfect for the person looking for simplicity at the right price.

From $1934

QUICKIE QXi Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

QXi®Folding Wheelchair

The QUICKIE Qxi is a durable, low-maintenance lightweight folding wheelchair that's perfect for the person looking for simplicity at the right price.

From $2612

QUICKIE M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

M6®Folding Wheelchair

The QUICKIE M6 heavy duty wheelchair features a high strength, modular lightweight frame with a 650 pound weight capacity that is tailor-made for your needs.

From $4624

BREEZY Ultra 4 Lightweight Standard Wheelchair

Ultra 4 Standard Wheelchair

The BREEZY Ultra 4 high-strength, lightweight wheelchair is a superior choice in its category.

From $1736

BREEZY EC Series Lightweight Standard Wheelchair

EC SeriesStandard Wheelchair

The BREEZY EC durable steel wheelchairs have your basic mobility needs covered with five durable product models.

From $551

QUICKIE Nitrum Ultra-Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

NitrumRigid Wheelchair

Ultra-lightweight wheelchair with ultra-responsive movement without energy losses.

From $4439

QUICKIE 5R Manual Rigid Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

5RRigid Wheelchair

The Quickie 5R is designed to deliver superior rigid wheelchair performance day after day

From $3869

QUICKIE QRi Manual Rigid Lightweight Wheelchair

QRi™Rigid Wheelchair

The QUICKIE QRi manual wheelchair is an ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair with a strong open frame design perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

From $2896

QUICKIE GP Lightweight Rigid Frame Wheelchair

GP SeriesRigid Wheelchair

The QUICKIE GP was one of the first ultra lightweight rigid frame wheelchairs available on the market. An active wheelchair known for its durability and comfort.

From $2718

QUICKIE IRIS Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair

IRIS®Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The QUICKIE IRIS manual tilt wheelchair features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation In Space Technology and a large range of positioning and caregiver options.

From $4730

QUICKIE® SR45 Manual Tilt Wheelchair

SR45®Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The QUICKIE® SR45 manual tilt wheelchair features 45° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology and a simplified mix of options for an outstanding value.

From $3244

QUICKIE® ACCESS Manual Tilt Wheelchair

ACCESSTilt In Space Wheelchair

Knee-pivot wheelchair with a low seat-to-floor height which allows for access under tables and desks as well as foot propelling.

From $3800

RGK Octane Sub4

Octane Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

The RGK Octane Sub4 is a classic design that has been redefined even further by combining Sub4 technology with a hand-crafted made to measure titanium grade 9 frame. The result - an ultra lightweight and rigid wheelchair that is perfectly designed to fit you and your lifestyle!

From $12676

RGK Octane FX

Octane FXFolding Rigid Wheelchair

The Octane FX simply folds into a briefcase style shape, easily slipping in to overhead lockers and practical sized car trunks, with no cross-folding. No trade-off of stability, rigidly, or weight. The titanium frame makes it perfect for trips to the beach or pushing over cobblestones.

From $13159

RGK Veypr Sub4

Veypr Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

The RGK Veypr Sub4 offers optimum posture, comfort, and performance. Its carbon fibre frame is 10% lighter than the RGK Octane Sub4, and each frame is made to order.

From $21134

TIGA Manual Wheelchair by RGK

TigaRigid Wheelchair

The TIGA is made from Aluminium 7020 and is perfect to suit your busy lifestyle, made to your individual measurements and personal preferences.

From $7169

RGK Tiga Sub4

Tiga Sub4Rigid Wheelchair

The RGK Tiga Sub4's sleek and modern design is ideal for ease of use. With its light frame and great maneuverability, this wheelchair is great for any power user's routine!

From $8704

HiLite Manual Wheelchair by RGK

HiLiteRigid Wheelchair

Clean frame design provides the RGK HiLite with a classic and elegant look.

From $6397

ELITE Sports wheelchair by RGK

EliteSports Wheelchair

The Elite has been designed based on in-depth talks with top athletes in the game.

From $7337

ELITE X Sports wheelchair by RGK

Elite XSports Wheelchair

The Elite X has been designed based on in-depth talks with top athletes in the game.

From $7340

RGK AllCourt Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

AllCourtSports Wheelchair

The RGK AllCourt features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance wheelchair frame built for maneuverability and power on the basketball court.

From $4896

GrandSlam by RGK

GrandSlamSports Wheelchair

The RGK GrandSlam is an Advanced tennis wheelchair built for professionals. Designed entirely around your measurements and your style of play, allow the GrandSlam to give you the ultimate responsive connection, ergonomic positioning and speed.

From $7337

RGK GrandSlam X Sport Wheelchair

GrandSlam XSports Wheelchair

At its core, this transcendent sports wheelchair has a unique, pioneering carbon fibre axle, making it significantly stiffer and lighter. The tri-frame chassis design makes a world of difference to the distribution of energy during play.

From $11046

RGK Match Point Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

Match PointSports Wheelchair

This tennis sports wheelchair was designed for agility and control. The lightweight frame is made-to-order and can be adjusted to maximize your game.

From $4896


Club SportSports Wheelchair

Club Sport is an entry level sports chair that is economical and ready to go when you are. Configurable with your own embroidery or logo and compatible with any court sport.

From $3202

ZIPPIE X-Cape Pediatric Folding Wheelchairs

X'CAPE®Children's Wheelchair

This pediatric folding wheelchair is the first ever wheelchair with XLOCK technology for the performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame

From $3358

ZIPPIE Zone Pediatric Rigid Frame Wheelchair

Zone®Children's Wheelchair

The ZIPPIE Zone™ is an innovative, ultra lightweight, and option-rich pediatric rigid frame wheelchair that is perfect for active kids and teens.

From $4133

ZIPPIE GS Kids Folding or Rigid Frame Wheelchair

GS™Children's Wheelchair

Named for its built-in growth system, the ZIPPIE GS™ offers frame and component growth with a folding or rigid frame to keep up with kids' ever-changing lives!

From $3078

ZIPPIE IRIS Kids Tilt Wheelchair

ZIPPIE® IRIS®Tilt In Space Wheelchair

This rotation-in-space wheelchair offers a superior combination of positioning, maneuverability, and portability with the XLOCK® folding crossbrace option.

From $4260

ZIPPIE TS Pediatric Tilt Wheelchair

TSTilt In Space Wheelchair

The original, premier kids tilt wheelchair. Available with a folding or rigid frame, built-in growth, and compatible with many seating and positioning solutions

From $4020

ZIPPIE Sphynx Pediatric Folding Fixed Tilt Wheelchair

SphynxChildren's Static Tilt Wheelchair

The first of its kind: A truly transportable tilt wheelchair, specially designed for families on the move.

From $3150

ZIPPIE Voyage Special Needs Stroller


The universal ZIPPIE Voyage special needs stroller combines Baby Jogger™ base expertise with ZIPPIE’s incredibly versatile seating options for growing babies.

From $3473

ZIPPIE Xpress Special Needs Stroller


The ZIPPIE Xpress special needs stroller features superior positioning and user-friendly functionality for children 0-3 years.

From $3197

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by raising and lowering the push handles in the rear side frame one can adjust the back height.

Yes you can! You can find the list of available colors on the product's order form. If you're looking for something more unique, our Built-4-Me team can help supply a product to your specific needs.

There are a number of different wheelchair cushions available for our products. You can view our complete range of JAY wheelchair cushions online. For the best comfort we advise you to contact your nearest authorized Sunrise Medical dealership.

Yes we can! Our Built-4-Me team are experts in designing and building modified wheelchairs exactly to your requirements. Find out more here.

No, we do not rent products to individuals. However, many of our authorized Sunrise Medical dealerships do. Please contact us to find your nearest one.

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