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Mid-Wheel Drive

QUICKIE mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs are extremely responsive and have the smallest possible turning radius for the best indoor accessibility. Their sophisticated suspension systems, wide range of seating systems, and numerous drive control options take your independence to the next level.

QUICKIE Q300 M Mini Power Wheelchair

Q300 M Mini

The narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive power wheelchair.

From $7759

QUICKIE Q400 M Power Wheelchair

Q400 MPower Wheelchair

Practical features for your daily journeys

From $7285


Q500 MPower Wheelchair

Make your own adventure

From $8072


Q700 MPower Wheelchair

The ultimate experience!

From $8644

  • Q700 M HD user weight capacity increased to 450 lbs.
  • Q700 M HD seat widths increased to 26"
QUICKIE Q700-UP M Standing Power Wheelchair

Q700-UP MStanding Wheelchair

Standing for all

From $10623