Electric powered wheelchairs that keep pace with the demands of your active life.
QUICKIE Q700-UP M Standing Power Wheelchair

Q700-UP MStanding Wheelchair

Standing for all

From $10889


Q700 MPower Wheelchair

Newly redesigned!

From $8860

  • Q700 M HD user weight capacity increased to 450 lbs.
  • Q700 M HD seat widths increased to 26"

Q500 MPower Wheelchair

Make your own adventure

From $8274

QUICKIE Q500 H Power Wheelchair

Q500 HPower Wheelchair

A new generation of power wheelchair

From $9602

QUICKIE Q300 M Mini Power Wheelchair

Q300 M MiniPower Wheelchair

The narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive power wheelchair.

From $7953

QUICKIE Q200 R Power Wheelchair

Q200 RPower Wheelchair

The Q200 R is the next level power wheelchair perfect for outdoor use, while still providing a great indoor solution.

From $7467

QUICKIE Q50 R Carbon Power Wheelchair

Q50 R CarbonPower Wheelchair

Travel lighter with QUICKIE's lightest carbon folding powerchair.

From $4869