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The Fortress scooters are part of the Canadian mobility heritage! Always reliable, the Fortress scooters will get you there in comfort and style.

Fortress 1700 DT/TA Mobility Scooters

1700 DT/TALightweight Mobility Scooter

The Fortress 1700 series mobility scooter offers superior durability, reliability and comfort. It's exciting look is both elegant and solid.

From $4740

Fortress S700 Mobility Scooter

S700Lightweight Mobility Scooter

The Fortress S700 Mobility Scooter is the leader of the pack with superior outdoor performance features.

From $5730

S425 Mobility Scooter

S425Lightweight Mobility Scooter

The luxury Fortress S425 mobility scooter has some serious power! The S425 is suitable for road use as well as on pavements. The increased wheel height helps to tackle outdoor obstacles, and longer journeys can be handled with ease.

From $4888

Fortress S-410 Mobility Scooter

S-410Lightweight Mobility Scooter

An internationally recognized name for reliability, performance, and durability: the Fortress S-410 four-wheel scooter is ideal for everyday use, both indoors and out with the smallest turning radius in the Fortress lineup.

From $4645