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Ride Designs is committed to creating wheelchair seating systems that help protect skin, enhance mobility, improve function, and optimize posture. A properly fitted Ride Designs cushion and back work together to help manage skin risk. A Ride Designs seating system also helps boost postural control and stabilize the pelvis and trunk, often resulting in increased confidence, performance, freedom of movement, and ease of use. Our system approach is one reason why so many informed and discerning wheelchair users choose Ride Designs. Insist on Ride Designs seating — within our family of products you'll discover cushions and backs designed to address virtually every requirement, size, and need.

Java BackWheelchair Back

Considerable support with lots of adjustability. Available in sizes and configurations to fit nearly anyone.

Java Decaf BackWheelchair Back

Considerable support with all the adjustability of the Ride Designs Java Back and more. Especially designed for pediatric users.

Custom BackWheelchair Back

The most exacting fit for the widest range of needs and unique body contours. Custom made to virtually any size or shape. Now with a softer foam option!

Ride Designs Java Cushion

Java CushionWheelchair Cushion

Provides the highest level of skin protection and postural control. Appropriate for users with relatively low to mild postural challenges.

Ride Designs Forward Cushion

Forward CushionWheelchair Cushion

A comfortable wheelchair cushion that offers pressure relief and moderate support. Available in adult and pediatric sizes.

Ride Designs Custom 2 Cushion

Custom 2 CushionWheelchair Cushion

Provides superior skin and postural care in a comfortable, lightweight, and simple design.

Ride Designs Custom AccuSoft Cushion

Custom AccuSoft CushionWheelchair Cushion

Provides an accurate fit like the Ride Custom 2 Cushion — along with a softer, more forgiving sitting surface.