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Wheelchair Cushions

A properly selected and fitted Ride Designs® cushion can help manage heat and moisture, help reduce deep tissue deformation at high risk areas, and provide a stable base of support for improved sitting performance. Ride cushions work by selectively loading low risk areas of the anatomy while off-loading high risk bony prominences. All Ride Cushions are remarkably lightweight, surprisingly comfortable, and adjustable over time.

Ride Designs Java Cushion

Java CushionWheelchair Cushion

Provides the highest level of skin protection and postural control. Appropriate for users with relatively low to mild postural challenges.

Ride Designs Forward Cushion

Forward CushionWheelchair Cushion

A comfortable wheelchair cushion that offers pressure relief and moderate support. Available in adult and pediatric sizes.

Ride Designs Custom 2 Cushion

Custom 2 CushionWheelchair Cushion

Provides superior skin and postural care in a comfortable, lightweight, and simple design.

Ride Designs Custom AccuSoft Cushion

Custom AccuSoft CushionWheelchair Cushion

Provides an accurate fit like the Ride Custom 2 Cushion — along with a softer, more forgiving sitting surface.