Powered wheelchairs that are designed for the independence of children.
Zippie ZM-310


The Zippie® ZM-310™ combines our smallest, most reliable kids power wheelchair base with clinically proven pediatric seating and positioning options to provide children maximum accessibility and independence.

From $7270

ZIPPIE Xperience 2 Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs


The Zippie Xperience 2 is the wheelchair that is versatile whether you are inside or at the park! The mid-wheel pediatric wheelchair offers a fully adjustable rehab seat, stability, maneuverability and provides independence to let kids be kids!

From $8545

Zippie Xplore 2

Zippie® Xplore 2™

For kids who want to go fast, and do not want to be stopped by any obstacles out there, the Zippie Xplore Hybrid 2 is the right choice. Its high speed, short turning radius and multiple configurations make it the best option for young kids and teenagers who are busy with everyday activities.

From $9275