Spex Flex CushionWheelchair Cushion

Implements a truly adaptable and easy approach for difficult cushion requirements for users with complex postures.

Flex cushion implements a truly adaptable and easy approach for even the hardest-to-solve cushion requirements for users with complex postures.

As its name describes, Flex has been designed to fulfil the postural requirements of wheelchair users who present with limited hip flexion. Up-to-date research shows that a considerable number of clients with cerebral palsy at GMFCS level V, present with asymmetric limited hip flexion. This condition must be ruled out or compensated as it has been linked to the development of other conditions like pelvic obliquity, trunk asymmetry, scoliosis, and windswept hip distortion (Ágústsson, A. et al, 2017).

Considering a lack of products available that can support clients with symmetric or asymmetric limited hip flexion, and considering the negative impact that this can have on people’s posture and function, we have developed this superior, comfortable, pressure relieving, stable and highly configurable cushion able to address even the most challenging postural requirements.

Every Flex comes with an easily configurable strategic positioning base. The innovative and clinical benefits of the pads and wedges allows the prescribing clinician to achieve a result on-the-spot whilst having the peace of mind that its able to change for future unseen posture changes.

Flex has a unique cover design which can change its shape. This ensures that once all the adaptations are done to the inner foam unit, the incontinence and outer covers are manipulated for a comfortable fit.

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JAY Spex Flex Cushion
Clinical Applications

Clinical Applications

Excellent choice for individuals who have symmetrical or asymmetrical limited hip flexion, have internal hip rotation with tight hamstrings on one side, require pelvic and thighs pressure distribution due to asymmetric sitting posture, have changing postural needs over time, and/or require a high degree of pelvic stability and specific contouring
Functional Applications

Functional Applications

Functional positioning base primarily accommodates lack of hip flexion up to 20° but due to its innovative positioning base it can support ruling out other associated deformities as pelvic obliquity, windsweeping, hip abduction, hip internal rotation with tight hamstrings and even lack of hip extension. The strategic positioning base, pads and wedges offer complete modifications on-the-spot for a perfect fit for the user. Bevelled front edge allow for knee contractures, and the exceptional combination of top foam overlays guarantees pressure distribution throughout the complete surface. The outer breathable cover and inner incontinence cover is included, though it is also configurable for individual requirements such as higher thigh supports, leg length discrepancies, among others.
Product Information
Starting Retail Price:$1,982
Product Height:2" to 3" (5 to 8 cm)
Product Width:10" to 20" (25 to 50 cm)
Product Weight:0.8 to 2.7 kg (1.75 to 6 lbs.)
User Weight Capacity:10-15": 90 kg/200 lbs, 16-20": 136 kg/300 lbs
Product Options
Base:Strategic Positioning Base
Inner Cover:Wipe-Down Spextex Fabric
Outer Cover:Washable Breathable Spacer Fabric

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.

Warranty coverage for this product may vary from one province to another depending on funding requirements. Please contact your dealer for more details.