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Made-to-Order Seating Systems

AES made-to order wheelchair seating is built to your specific measurements to suit your unique needs, however basic or complex. Choose from made-to-order seating systems built by Sunrise Medical or personalized molded systems that conform to you. Make your seating system your own with colored upholstery and embroidery.

JAY Adaptive Equipment Systems Made-to-Order Wheelchair Seating


Adaptive Equipment Systems (AES) made-to-order configured wheelchair seating solutions and hardware address basic to complex client needs.

JAY Fit Seating System


The JAY Fit™ System was developed to accommodate a child's growth as well as their changing functional seating needs.

JAY SureFit Made-to-Order Wheelchair Seating


JAY SureFit is a simplified offering of made-to-order configured wheelchair seating solutions.