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Manual Wheelchairs

HILite Manual Wheelchair by RGK


Clean frame design Hi Lite Manual Wheelchair offers a classic and elegant look

From $5842

RGK Octane Sub4

Octane Sub4

A classic design redefined by combining the Sub4 technology.

From $11576

RGK Octane FX

Octane FX

Revolutionizing air travel..again!

From $12017

TIGA Manual Wheelchair by RGK


With an open or closed frame, the Tiga is the RGK 7000 Series ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair offered in Canada.

From $6547

RGK Tiga Sub4

Tiga Sub4

The ultra-lightweight wheelchair that's less than 4 kg - Guaranteed!

From $7949

RGK Veypr Sub4

Veypr Sub4

Made to measure - the perfect fit.

From $19300