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Early Activity Seat

Colourful, comfortable, supportive activity system for children aged 0-48 months.

The Early Activity Seating System is designed to be used as part of a program of early intervention to maximize a child’s future potential. 

The product consists of a number of soft, bright rolls, wedges, straps and supports, which when used in combination with the Activity Development Program by therapists and parents, enhance the development of babies and young infants.

Machine washable mat covered in velcro and Positional supports can be stuck to each other or mat, allowing an infinite number of combinations. Positional supports are made from wipe clean fabric that is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

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LECKEY Early Activity Seat
Back Lying

Back Lying

Back lying supports physical development through strengthening neck, tummy, shoulder and hip flexors as children have to lift head, arms and legs up against gravity. Back lying supports cognitive development as it is the first stage in the awareness of cause and effect play. Back lying supports sensory development as this is the position in which it is easiest for children to focus their eyes.

Tummy Lying

Tummy Lying

Tummy lying supports physical development by strengthening neck, shoulders, arms and back, and is an important foundation for the transition to sitting. Tummy lying supports cognitive development as hands and eyes start to learn to work together, and spatial awareness is emerging. Tummy lying supports sensory development by providing a sense of security while improving visual focusing and tracking.

Floor Sitting

Floor Sitting

Floor sitting supports physical development by stabilising the pelvis and trunk, allowing the arms and hands to be free. Floor sitting supports cognitive development by enabling children to realize that when upright, their world is 3-dimensional. Floor sitting supports sensory development, as the ability to use their hands more freely enables children to explore a wider variety of textures, shapes and sizes.

Hands and Knees

Hands and Knees

Hands and knees supports physical development because children are supporting their body weight against gravity, strengthening muscles which may be used for movement. Hands and knees supports cognitive development by helping children to understand the relationship between their body and their environment – spatial awareness. Hands and knees supports sensory development by encouraging weight bearing through extended arms and open palms.

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