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Sleepform Mattress System

Strong, durable, practical and adjustable sleeping system for kids aged 0-18 years.

Sleepform supports the individual in a symmetric posture while they are asleep and can be used reduce the build-up of pressure points, thus increasing comfort and the likelihood of an undisturbed night’s sleep for both them and their family. It can be easily transported so is ideal for use at home, holiday or respite facilities.

Our sleep system designs are based on extensive research into the needs of children during their sleep. Our research is based on over 20 case studies throughout the UK and Ireland, some lasting up to two years. It clearly demonstrated that the two main issues relating to the children using sleep systems, beyond health and safety, are Posture and Tolerance.

Our research also focused on the needs of the family and the children’s carers. So we set out to design systems which were comfortable, supportive, flexible, easy to use and could be easily transported. We all know sleep is important to our health and well being. As part of their 24hr postural care program we all want to ensure the children are getting the best chance every day.

The main contributing factors to asymmetry are abnormal tone and gravity. Sleep systems provide an ideal opportunity to harness the potentially positive effect of gravity by supporting the child in a symmetric posture when their tone reduces during sleep.

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LECKEY Sleepform Mattress System
Support for Many Sleeping Postures

Support for Many Sleeping Postures

The pelvis can be appropriately supported in a neutral position by the unique moulding ability of the Sleepform mattress. Where the recommended sleep posture is side lying, the user can be safely and comfortably supported using the Sleepform mattress and the airflow knee pillow.

Encourages Symmetry

Encourages Symmetry

It is important that the trunk and head are supported as symmetrically as possible in the resting or sleeping posture, as gravity and tone can have a destructive effect on the shape of the ribcage. In the long term this can have a detrimental effect on breathing and digestion. The Sleepform mattress can be used the opposite way round when the biggest challenge lies in stabilising the shoulders and head.

Support for Leg Positioning

Support for Leg Positioning

The position of the legs and feet can disturb overall body symmetry, particularly during sleep when the child cannot recover from these destructive postures. Where legs are prone to windsweeping, frogging or scissoring, the elasticated leg guides allow limited movement while gently bringing the legs back into a midline position. When hamstrings are tight, lying with straight legs is not possible so the legs to fall to one side or the other. Over time this becomes a windswept posture. Supporting behind the knees with a roll takes the strain off hamstrings.

Easily Re-Mouldable

Easily Re-Mouldable

Sleep is an important function in its own right, both for growth and development. Often children wake during sleep due to temperature control problems or needing to change posture. Designed to be unobtrusive in the child’s bed, the Sleepform mattress can be easily re-moulded as needed by carers.

Product Information
Starting Retail Price:$2,979
Age Range:0-18 years

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.