About Sheilagh Sherman

BA, BHScOT, MHM, OT Reg. (Ont.)

Sheilagh Sherman

Sheilagh Sherman, OT Reg. (Ont.), joined Sunrise Medical Canada in 2010 as our full-time Clinical Educator.  Prior to joining Sunrise, Sheilagh gained extensive clinical experience from working in a variety of settings, including in-patient rehabilitation, complex continuing care, and community rehabilitation.  As Clinical Educator, Sheilagh is a clinical resource for therapists across Canada involved in seating and mobility.  She teaches in-services and leads workshops and seminars on the clinical aspects of seating and mobility.  In addition, Sheilagh hosts monthly webinars for therapists and vendors.

Sheilagh also has an educational background that makes her well-suited to the role of Clinical Educator.  Sheilagh earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto in 1988, which enables her to understand healthcare policy and policy changes.  Sheilagh graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy) degree from McMaster University in 1994.  In 2012, Sheilagh earned a Certificate in Adult Education/Staff Training from Seneca College.  She applies adult learning principles to the workshops she leads.  Finally, she also has a Master of Health Management (MHM) degree from McMaster University, after graduating in 2015.  Courses that Sheilagh completed during the MHM degree, such as Knowledge Translation, Evaluating Sources of Evidence, and Quality and Safety in Healthcare, assist Sheilagh in using an evidence-based approach in her role as Clinical Educator.

Clinicians are invited to contact Sheilagh by email or phone.  Sheilagh is available to provide in-services, workshops and clinical consultation to therapists.  Therapists may contact Sheilagh with either general or specific questions related to seating and mobility.

Please note:  Sheilagh is unable to answer questions from the general public.  Members of the general public are directed to their own therapists or other health care professionals to ask questions regarding seating and mobility needs.  The content of this blog is not meant to be prescriptive; rather it is meant as a general resource for clinicians to then use clinical reasoning skills to determine optimal seating and mobility solutions for individual clients.


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